Practic for Flag Football and Tiny Mite Cheer begins Tuesday Aug 11 at 6pm


Athletes should report to the upper field.

Please bring completed registration forms and FINAL 2020 report card.  New players need original birth certificate

Refund Policy – 2020


The Ray Tellier Midget Football League (RTMFL) - West Haven Seahawks Board of Directors approved a refund policy for 20202 as we operate with the COVID-19 global pandemic. This policy is much more flexible than our traditional policy of no refunds/no exceptions after the second week of August.
Because of the uncertainty of youth sports this fall and the fact that the league incurs the majority of costs in August such as the reconditioning of football equipment, cheerleading music and practice wear and of course insurance, the board wanted to implement a refund policy before the start of the season.

Participant quits before August 15th = Full Refund
Participant quits on or after August 15th = No Refund

League shuts down on or after August 15th – August 30th because of COVID-19 = 60% Refund
League shuts down between September 1 – September 30th because of COVID-19 = 30% Refund
League closes on October 1st or later because of COVID-19 = No Refund

Approved by the RTMFL Board of Directors on 7/30/2020

About Us

The Ray Tellier Midget Football League is a proud member of the Southern Connecticut Pop Warner Football Conference. The Southern Connecticut Pop Warner Conference is one of the most competitive conferences in New England. Our West Haven Seahawk football and cheerleading teams have experienced tremendous success in the past and we look forward to making our program stronger as we move to the future. We do not only measure our success on the football field and on the competition floor, but also by the fine young men and women who grow throughout their Pop Warner experience and graduate from our program. We pride ourselves in teaching “lessons for a lifetime”.

The West Haven Seahawks proudly  require all our football coaches to become "Heads Up" certified, a safety program that has resulted in a 76% reduction in football related injuries in youth Football programs - click here to learn more


Donations are gladly accepted


Seahawk's Weekly Game Schedule 

Please note this is a list of game times - BE SURE to check with coaches for player and cheerleader arrival times.

Season game schedule will be posted as soon as available from SCPW - tentatively late-August posting date

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The West Haven Seahawks organization is run completely by volunteers. Pictured here is our president Mike Last helping guide the program, teaching not only sports, but sportsmanship, responsibility, and the value of hard work. Want to be a part of this? contact Mike at

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